A Seat at the Theatre, Educational Version Jeannie Meekins


Published: January 27th 2014



A Seat at the Theatre, Educational Version  by  Jeannie Meekins

A Seat at the Theatre, Educational Version by Jeannie Meekins
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Simon sat at his desk in his room, doing homework. A tapping on the window distracted him. He looked up and saw Lisa and Jack.Simon went to the window and opened it.“What are you doing here?” he asked. “How do you know where I live?”Lisa ignored his questions. “Do you want to come out with us? We’re going to the cemetery.”Simon didn’t want to go to the cemetery. He’d been there last month with his parents. They’d been on a ghost tour, and Simon had seen a real ghost.He tried to think of some excuse.“Umm… it’s getting dark,” said Simon.“So?” said Jack.“I have homework to finish.”“So?” Jack frowned at Simon.

“Are you scared?”“No,” Simon answered quickly.“Come on. It’ll be fun. We might even see more ghosts.” Jack’s frown turned to a smile. “In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that we will.”Are there such things as ghosts? And what will Simon find in the cemetery at night?Read this creepy tale to find out!Educational Versions Include exercises designed to meet Common Core Standards.

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